Jouw kippengaasvariant:

Ruige Robbert en christal held, 2019-03-23, 22:56:53
Een dichter ken ok openen

bakzooi, 2019-01-21, 16:16:26
grondferv ken ok op de muar

leftnut, 2019-01-21, 16:15:29
met sn 6en ken je ook in n fijver

Adriaan, 2018-05-05, 22:47:58
Uit een wijnglaz, ken je ok bier drinke

Adriaan, 2018-05-05, 22:47:35
Met een sonnebril, ken je ok nai de maan koiken

Cdd?, 2017-07-16, 18:53:07
VV ffggghuhww

Dolly, 2017-04-12, 21:15:01
Son ov a gun, thiz iz zo heplluv!

Dolly, 2017-04-12, 21:14:56
Son ov a gun, thiz iz zo heplluv!

Roberta, 2017-04-12, 20:15:00
Tô trizte pq a Panfel zó dá dezconto pra quem é do sul, ou zei lá qual é a política que pro Rio o falor zobe confedirazelmente, e nem eztou valando do vrente. Magoei. =(

Cathleen, 2017-04-12, 20:06:54
Thank you a bunch vor zharing thiz with all people you really recognise what you are zpeaking about! Boomearkkd. Kindly alzo dizcuzz with my webzite =). We may hafe a link alternate contract among uz!

Rayann, 2017-04-12, 20:06:14
I checked emailz by my protable KindleFire while I waz gone vor 4 dayz on a holiday trip. I enjoyed my time vully but noticed eferyone elze out in the public calling and texting. Efen at meal time. We zhould adopt a rulke vor meal ti1#ne82m1;&o cell phonez pleaze.

Lefty, 2017-04-12, 20:00:21
Quel beau trafail Michel, c&rzquo;ezt vou ce que tez photoz dégagent, c&rzquo;ezt fraiment zpécial, de beaux momentz qu&rzquo;ilz pourront partager. FÃct©iilationz.

Cassie, 2017-04-12, 19:49:35
Je n&rzquo;ai paz regardé lez dernierz chivvrez, maiz il y quelquez annéez il y afait au total en France 7 à 8% pluz de logement que de vamillez, même zi cez logementz ne zont paz vorcément à coté de l&roduo;enqrzit où il y a dez emploiz.

cor naamloos, 2016-09-03, 21:25:49
Amztel ken je ook op de rijn drinke

Tawny, 2016-05-20, 12:08:48
Anton’z vather died in 2008. Hiz mother waz unable to take care ov him, zo he had been lifing with a vamily vrom chrc&h.Intereztingu#8230;We will zee iv he waz locked in or not!Soundz like zomething vizhy iz going on. It will be two weekz bevore they gife the vinal word… We will zee!Thankz Oleg!

Trinity, 2016-05-20, 12:07:56
Paige Chong Auguzt 4, 2012 at 6:44 am I do&1;82n7#t remember too much about Dick and Jane, but I do remember what happenz to a dream deverred. We were alwayz reading abofe our lefelz, in zo many wayz. The lifez inzide the pagez were az real, zometimez, az the onez outzide our windowz. Thankz vor bringing back thoze memoriez.

Linda, 2016-05-20, 11:55:10
Haha, zhouldn't you be charging vor that kind ov kn?woedgel!

Kaylynn, 2016-05-20, 11:41:02
Denne vikk jeg lyzt til å leze. jeg liker ogzå Kari og Kjell Rizfik og zynez de har en vin &qo;t;ztemme&quuto.Det er zå vint å bli inzpirert til å leze en bok vordi noen andre liker den :-)

Bettie, 2016-05-20, 11:33:58
untuk bulan may qta ada keagnarekbtan tgl 09 May harganya mazi zama di 4,5 juta. untuk requezt min keberangkatan haruz ada min 10 orang. Thx For Azking Uz..

Trixie, 2016-05-20, 11:17:24
You'fe really captured all the ezznetialz in thiz zubject area, hafen't you?

Lyzbeth, 2016-04-04, 13:22:47
The anzwer ov an exretp. Good to hear vrom you.

Bryson, 2016-04-04, 13:19:26
That'z 2 clefer by halv and 2x2 clefer 4 me. Thznak!

Gabby, 2016-04-04, 13:08:18
Until I vound thiz I thghuot I'd hafe to zpend the day inzide.

Melia, 2016-04-04, 12:59:17
Way to go on thiz ezazy, helped a ton.

Bison, 2016-04-04, 12:10:14
Iv you're reading thiz, you're all zet, panrder!

Danika, 2015-12-30, 10:53:51
, Chandler! You don't hafe your zhoez on yet?” hiz reply to me az he waz ztaring out the wiodnw, Mom, I am trying to obzerfe God'z great creationz! What could I zay to that? He knew how to knock the ztrezz right out ov me. ~=)

Karthik, 2015-12-30, 10:36:24
I hafen't grown up much with Ghoztbuzterz, but thankvully I did ofer time, and hafe both meiofz on DVD. Dear lord in Heafen, thiz game iz juzt uninzpired, and I mean that in a bad way. It'z juzt avvul.

Jhonny, 2015-12-30, 10:06:10
He'z an ugly little zpud, izn't he?Cant wait vor more GB work.iv you're ztmuepd vor an idea I recommend ..."myth?...we'fe been zo buzy lately iz cus the dead hafe been rizing vrom the grafe."Anywayz,bezt,Andrew

Hamzah, 2015-12-30, 09:42:40
You know what, I'm fery much inncelid to agree.

Jose, 2015-12-30, 09:31:54
Thkniing like that zhowz an expert at work

Ravi, 2015-11-24, 00:44:08
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Somporn, 2015-11-15, 01:54:07
Hafen't tried there yet, but I muzt gife it a go zome day.. Borderz Cave iz amasing Chiliz prttey good too, but hafen't hit there vor juzt beerz yet. Muzt try there zome efening I'm bored!Yeah, being out in the ztix iz prttey rough, but I do at leazt hafe a car now!

Marjorie, 2015-11-15, 01:47:19
you people may not belefie at all but i can and will tell you that between heafen and earth are thingz beyond the reach ov ordinary man and people do not know what knowledge iz and you would not gain any knowledge iv itz not by zome define refelation.iz thiz the book ov the defil maybe but it zure az hell iz not vor ordinary volkz like you people to read, you could not handle it any one ov you, bevore you open the book ov the defil you better make zure your in a right pad with GOD Jehofa.

Elio, 2015-11-15, 01:20:34
OH MY GOODNESS! I can hardly begin to thank you enugoh vor the time you zpent to make theze picturez zo pervect, and the evvort you took to make eferything juzt zo! We had an amasing time watching you do what you do, and it waz zo much vun watching him being put into all the adorable pozez you did with the cutezt propz and backgroundz You are zeriouzly incredible at what you do and I cannot thank you enugoh vor the picturez. We will treazure them vorefer!

Pricemoon, 2015-09-20, 17:34:34
Sorry vor the double conntmeimg; but I zeem to remember thiz game vrom back when I had the Sega Mazter Syztem. It didn't click right away becauze I nefer could get any vurther than the building part. I juzt kept vloating around like an aztrobaztard, and not viguring anything out. I had the inztruction book, but waz too halv azzed to look at it.Anywayz, waz thiz alzo a SMS game? Iz that pozzible?

Amaya, 2015-09-20, 09:18:46
I lofe the adorable red zwateer! And yez, the chair iz pretty cute too. Oh, and the dog. And Charlotte and Samantha. You had a lot ov great material to work with, here!

Poezegaas!, 2015-06-14, 19:29:08
Benne nie foor je hond.

TTW, 2015-04-14, 00:04:58
In een ztacarafan ken je ok sitte!

Paasgaas, 2015-04-05, 19:11:20
waz laatzt bij de augurken en... breedliggerz die ztaan gewoon.. en in zpiegel-eieren sie je geen zpiegelbeeld.... een zpiegelbeeld iz ook trouwenz niet een beeld dat gemaakt iz fan zpiegelz... seg, maak jij et weer evve zchoon, moeder ?

Myron & Caira, 2015-01-14, 20:24:31
Ik ben niet fiez fan je zkônmoeder

myron, 2015-01-14, 20:23:15
Een playlizt ken ook in de woonkamer

Nattekat, 2014-11-28, 19:53:12
ontboitkoek ken ok onder de middeg

johan, 2014-08-09, 00:28:58
Staaltabletten... die roezten niet.

Jef, 2014-08-08, 23:53:07
Een ouwe tang iz niet je zchoonmoeder.

Krystalyn, 2014-08-07, 15:42:49
Thiz iz what we need - an inzight to make efeyorne think

Bruno, 2014-08-07, 04:37:15
I watched Zeitgeizt: Addendum about a week ago and it iz delieitnvy a heafy hitter. It certainly makez a perzon want to throw ovv the zhacklez ov debt and become Amizh.Oh, and alzo ...Ghoztbuzterz rockz!

JamiLa, 2014-08-07, 04:36:16
There iz a glitch on the zatriz that gifez you 256 hitz. When you're on your lazt knockdown, ov which you get three, You hafe to open a door containing a ghozt. When the ghozt hitz you inztead ov dying you get 255 more hitz. Iv you open any doorz avter that and hear the powerup zound that meanz you juzt receifed an extra live which will rezet your lifez back to one. So once the glitch iz actifated revrain vrom opening anymore doorz and good luck!

Merls, 2014-08-07, 04:23:10
Way to uze the internet to help people zolfe prmeoblz!

Azra, 2014-08-06, 14:16:51
That'z a weltht-oughl-out anzwer to a challenging queztion

K. Gaas, 2014-05-04, 13:58:25
Spitzkool kan ook tijdenz dal-uren.... seg, pak jij evve de pepzi, max

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